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WKD’s Can-do Attitude in the RTD Revolution

Recognising the popularity of canned RTDs (and rising costs of glass!), WKD seized an opportunity to stay on trend and remain competitive transitioning from glass bottles to cans for its multipack offerings.

We maintained consistency with existing packaging; easy recognition for consumers and clear visibility of the WKD exclamation point logo, which houses both WKD and flavour information. A delicate balance between innovation and familiarity to prevent confusion among existing customers, ensuring a clear and unmistakable connection to the WKD brand.

To infuse the design with the fun personality and upbeat energy characteristic of WKD, the subtle graphic execution complements the brand logo without overpowering it. Ensuring gender-neutral designs to maintain broad appeal across the target audience, we utilised colour effectively to reflect flavours and brand identity.

With growing demand for alcohol-free options, WKD has also introduced a WKD Blue 0% variant, targeting a demographic seeking no and low alcohol solutions while retaining the essence of the WKD brand – just without the booze!

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