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Entrusted with the task of harmonising Stowford Press Apple and Mixed Berries, we presented Westons with a proposition: let Apple take centre stage initially, allowing other flavours to follow its lead – given Stowford’s apple cider legacy, it felt only natural for Apple to lead the way.

This project proved to be a formidable challenge, requiring us to reassess all Stowford Press SKUs holistically. It’s not just about individual flavours but also about how they fit together as a cohesive line-up, ensuring that each variant complements the others while still standing out in its own right. Our mission went beyond coherence; we aspired to uphold Stowford Press’s hard-earned reputation as a premium mainstream cider.

And with this, Stowford Press is constantly evolving and continually seeks new horizons. Our journey with Westons on the Stowford Press brand has been an ongoing evolution. In addition to our initial collaboration, we’ve delved into crafting on-trade marketing materials, reimagining the brand’s presence in arena bar environments, and crafting tailor-made bar designs – propelling Stowford Press forward into fresh realms of innovation and expression.

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Graphic design, Structural Design, Complete Range Review,
Arena Bar Design, Artwork and Promotions


The original brief seemed a simple one – align Stowford Press Apple to Mixed Berries. Then come Hurricane, who took this one step further and elevated the entire brand to the positioning it deserves. Rather than just doing, they questioned and challenged (something we always look for from all our brand partners), and they have delivered something that was both unexpected and we are delighted with.

Head of Marketing