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Palmolive Kids

Off to sea, to try and catch a little fish for tea!

Say goodbye to dull bath routines and hello to a splash of excitement! Dive into the bubbly world of Palmolive’s Kids Shower & Bath range and let the fun-filled adventures begin!

Partnering up with Palmolive we unleashed our imagination to introduce a group of vibrant new characters to attract both kids and parents, refreshing and invigorating the existing range.

Modern and engaging designs bursting with energy, whisking little ones away on a magical journey through nature alongside the coolest characters– join Zeb, Gerrard, Lenny and Hetty on their sea safari adventure to catch Albert the almond fish!

These packs have undergone a significant transformation. Previously, they exuded a more subdued, traditionally natural look suited for babies. Now, they boast a playful design tailored for kids and parents alike, not only catching the eye on the shelf but also reflecting Palmolive’s natural values.

To find out more about our work for Palmolive or any of our other brands, please get in touch.

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Palmolive Kids




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