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Mini Egg Cookies

Hop to Fresh Bakery

What do you get when you mix Mini Eggs and cookie dough together – absolutely delicious freshly baked Mini Egg Cookies of course!
Starting with a photoshoot to capture these wonderfully crumbly Mini Egg cookies, we then moved onto designing the cookie bag itself, being a largely impulse purchase, we needed to ensure these little bags of deliciousness had great standout on shelf – not too hard when you are working with a brand like Mini Eggs!

Next challenge… how do we direct consumers to the freshly baked aisle in order to find these new Mini Egg Cookies? With a ‘Hop to Fresh Bakery’ campaign that’s how, designed to delight and engage customers from the moment they set foot in the store, encapsulating the egg-citing cookie hunt the customers would take to discover these delightful cookies.

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