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Henry Westons

The Evolution of Henry

Westons Cider, run by the fourth generation of the Westons family, is renowned for producing esteemed brands such as Stowford Press, Old Rosie and of course the one and only Henry Westons.

For this brief our primary objective was to realign the Henry Westons brand and introduce new variants to the portfolio, all while ensuring consistency throughout. This endeavour included the creation of new vintage family members for the Henry Westons line, such as Cloudy, Organic, Rosé, and British Vintage.

Having a holistic view of brand and anticipating future expansion, each variant has been crafted to align with the overarching brand message of delivering the highest quality vintage cider, while also establishing their own unique identity within the impressive lineup.

Insights gleaned from the latest Westons Cider Report highlight notable trends within the industry. Looking ahead, Westons predicts that premium, crafted ciders will continue to drive growth in the category as consumers prioritise value and quality – which Henry Westons delivers in abundance.

We also collaborate annually with Westons to launch engaging promotional campaigns, creating each competition design relevant to the years’ consumer movement and trends.

To find out more about this or any of our other brands, please get in touch.

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