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Cotswold Raw

Meet Arthur & Martha

Designing the Cotswold Raw pet food packaging has been an engaging process focused on capturing the brand’s essence and connecting with pet owners throughout their continuously growing portfolio.

The innovative new format of premium raw dog food resulted in the quirky approach with visual cues reflecting high ‘human’ food standards.

We developed bespoke illustrations of Arthur and Martha, the brand mascots, to infuse playfulness and personality into the packaging. Each illustration of Martha and Arthur dressed in different outfits for various SKUs adds a whimsical touch while aiding quick product identification. We chose earthy tones and natural textures to convey the product’s wholesome nature, complemented by clear messaging highlighting its nutritional value and sustainability. The result is packaging that not only reflects the brand’s character but also effectively communicates its values and benefits to customers pets.

A new range extension for Cotswold Raw – introducing Butcher’s Block meals made using 100% quality British meat. Our focus was on ensuring clear product differentiation between variants while retaining a ‘Straight off the butcher’s block’ feel. Each pack features boldly coloured butcher’s labels, variant stamps, and a paper wrap texture, ensuring clear product identification and a rustic aesthetic.

Cotswold Raw won the Grocer award for New Product in 2017, underscoring the success of our collective efforts in creating packaging that resonates with consumers and drives recognition in the market.

To find out more about our work for Cotswold Raw or any of our other brands, please get in touch.

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