Colgate Limited Edition

A utopian experience

Colgate asked us to partner with them to launch their new limited edition MaxWhite toothpaste.

Limited editions enable you to bring desire and want right to the forefront of your product. Your limited edition becomes the idea and is able to totally encapsulate it – as long as you have the brand assets to back it up of course, no issues for Colgate on that front. So, we took Colgate beyond the here and now, taking escapism to the extreme, inspired by the space age travel, modern missions to Mars and embracing a futuristic vibe to deliver out of this world cleaning.

Unexpected and vibrant; bold and brave hues of iridescent colour, create a space where we can dare to dream of a utopia. Transporting your mornings and evenings to another world, for a sensorial experience that uniquely refreshes your mouth and mind.

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Colgate Palmolive


Colgate, Limited Edition




Primary and Secondary graphic design, Bespoke illustration, Artwork


It’s been a true collaborative process, and we are incredibly proud of the journey we have been on. Hurricane demonstrated an exceptional ability to translate our vision into reality, delivering an “out of this world” tube and carton Limited Edition design. 

Their attention to detail and understanding of market trends and retailer alike ensured that the final product not only met but exceeded our expectations.

It was an efficient process from start to finish: Hurricane’s professionalism, responsiveness and creativity made the entire experience thoroughly enjoyable.

Brand Manager Colgate Whitening EUROPE