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Burger King

Keeping your fries 'king hot!

No one likes a cold soggy chip! Tasked with finding a solution for delivering fried food while maintaining freshness and crispiness, we partnered with Burger King to pioneer an innovative packaging solution tailored for the home delivery sector.

The result? A cutting-edge carton featuring a unique ventilation system, meticulously engineered to optimise airflow and preserve the hot, crispy perfection of your favourite fried menu items for an extended duration. Versatile in design, it accommodates a variety of fried food, reducing the need for additional packaging, and is crafted from a single material to champion sustainability.

Also incorporated is a simple locking mechanism, with an audible click and close feature, keeping your meal safe and sound during transit.

Currently in use across Burger King outlets throughout Europe, this solution revolutionises the home delivery experience, ensuring every bite is as fresh and delicious as dining in. To hear more about our work with Burger King or any other brand we work on please get in touch.

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Burger King


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