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Bottlegreen Refresh: Elevating Brand Engagement

To address declining visibility in the competitive soft drinks market, Bottlegreen cordial and pressé needed a brand refresh, aiming to maintain consumer engagement and attract new customers.

Building on the success of the Elderflower variant, which had gained significant traction, the new design needed to ensure similar appreciation for all other variants. Whilst it was important to retain the key brand assets; the bottle and illustration style, following research it was clear that the current design had a navigation problem where consumers were struggling to find information quickly.

To address this issue, we introduced a focal point in the center of the bottle, facilitating variant colour blocking and providing a space for key messages, thus improving navigation. Framing the variant illustrations around the oval, directing the eye of the consumer.

Consolidating all information into one focal area not only enhanced navigation but also allowed for a reduction in labels for each variant, resulting in reducing cost and not forgetting waste. This exciting brand evolution not only held onto its key assets but also brought the brand back to its premium spot and made sure it’s meeting the needs of the consumer!

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