Brand // Sheppy’s Cider

Project // Rebrand & Packaging Design

Brief // Position Sheppy’s as one of the most respected cider makers in the business

Solution // Working with GillHarrisJames on strategy, we developed a simple design which clearly places Sheppy’s as the Master Cider makers they are with over 200 years of experience, distancing them from the plethora of ‘fun’ and ‘approachable’ artisan ciders flooding the market today. David Sheppy, sixth generation Master of Cider, is now the face of the brand and every bottle carries his signature and tasting notes. Our brand mark has been applied to the revamped website and to their newly refurbished House of Cider at Three Bridges, Taunton, which re-opened in Spring 2017 is fast becoming a true destination.

2017 | Launched

2017 | Finalist in ‘The Grocer Drink Awards 2017’ for 200 Special Edition Cider

2017 | Shortlisted at the ‘Beer & Cider Marketing Awards 2017’ for ‘Best Branding & Design’