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Limited Edition - food for thought!



Limited editions used to be limited (excuse the pun) to seasonal events, special occasions etc but not any longer. Obviously, they still have a place for such events but nowadays we also see colabs with artists, designers, charities launching throughout the year.

Packaging has an important role to play in the limited-edition field, bear in mind that packaging spends probably the most time with the consumer and could become sought after packs where consumers collect.

So, if you are considering launching a limited-edition keep in mind the following:


Be less reactive to the now, have them as part of your brand plans from the offset. Make them work harder and thus more effective from a sales perspective by thinking about how you can better connect with your audience and most importantly open the door to new consumers. Give these projects the time they need and deserve. How can you make people feel good through your brand? How can you stretch your reach further to drive more consumers to the brand. What is your ultimate goal for launching a LE?

The Brand

Having a strong foundation in your brand aesthetics along with strong packaging design will put you in good stead for a limited-edition pack. Remember if the consumer doesn’t know your brand or product, if it isn’t instantly recognisable how do you expect them to realise you have launched a limited-edition? Think about what your brand owns in its identity, logo, fonts, colours, illustration/photography style, structure of pack.  Then look to interject these into your LE design for recognition with your consumer.


In all product launches your audience should be considered throughout the process of creating and launching a product. If your goal is to drive more consumers to the brand then it would be prudent to cast your net wider delving into a potential new target audience (remembering not to alienate your current audience), really delve into their world beyond the product you are selling. Create something they will love that’s beyond what the product offers them. The beauty of limited edition is that you can be creative, be unique, be different. Make it desirable!


The digital world is not to be and will not be ignored. Brands that grasp it and are relevant in the social world are leaps ahead of brands that aren’t. Make it shareable for the gram…(ok I am too old to say that), perhaps look into social influencers, tap into the weird and wonderful world of Tik Tok? Encourage sharing on social media with a hash tag to gain bigger reach. We all remember Coca Cola’s share a Coke and what a success this limited edition was – merging the trend of social, limited and personalisation, the perfect combo!

Step out of the crowd

Launch when others aren’t, remember occasions, seasons will largely have more limited editions around. Again, this comes down to knowing your audience, pick an occasion/time/charity that is more relevant to them.


Why not make your limited edition a collectable, perhaps create more than one so consumers aspire to collect the whole set.

So next time you are considering a limited edition, put it into your brand planning for the year. Give it the time it needs to have a solid strategy behind it. Do your groundwork, have fun with it and most of all know that your audience will always hold the key to having a successful limited edition launch!