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Bottlegreen and Edwards Vodka embark on a journey into Ready-to-Drink Beverages


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Hurricane Design Collaborates with Bottlegreen (SHS Drinks) and Edwards Vodka to embark on a journey in Ready-to-Drink Beverages

Hurricane Design, a packaging design agency renowned for its creativity and innovation, announces its collaboration with Bottlegreen and Edwards 1902 Vodka to introduce a new line of ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages. The collaboration combines Bottlegreen’s expertise in premium soft drinks with Edwards 1902 Vodka’s distinguished spirits, marking Bottlegreen’s first entry in the alcoholic beverage market.

Tasked with designing the packaging for the new Bottlegreen Vodka RTD range, Hurricane Design drew on their extensive experience as the original designers of Bottlegreen’s core pressé and cordials range. Recognising the importance of maintaining brand identity while also appealing to a new audience in the competitive RTD market, the design team wanted to infuse the new Bottlegreen Vodka RTD range with both familiarity and innovation.

Debs Trotter, Senior Designer at Hurricane Design, explains, “It was a balancing act between honouring Bottlegreen’s heritage and introducing a contemporary edge to allow both brands to play in the RTD market. Our challenge was to create a design that integrated with Bottlegreen’s existing portfolio while standing out in a vibrant and busy category.”

The design team leveraged Bottlegreen’s iconic illustrations, which are hallmarks of the brand, to create a cohesive visual identity for the Bottlegreen Vodka RTD range. Each flavour – Elderflower, Raspberry, Lime & Mint – is depicted in vivid detail, capturing the essence of its taste profile.

“Incorporating modern touches and vibrant colours, we ensured that the range would catch the eye of consumers and communicate the premium quality associated with both Bottlegreen and Edwards 1902 Vodka,” says Debs.

The collaboration between Hurricane Design, Bottlegreen, and Edwards 1902 Vodka highlights the power of innovation and evolution. Showing that brands shouldn’t shy away from change and possibilities. The result is a range of refreshing and sophisticated beverages that combine Bottlegreen’s distinguished cordial flavors with Edwards 1902 Vodka’s exceptional spirits. Allowing both brands to broaden their horizons as well as the consumers.

“We are thrilled with the result of our collaboration with Hurricane” says Sasha McNeilly, Brand Manager for Bottlegreen. “The new range perfectly balances quality and innovation, expressing the essence of our brand and Edwards while paving the way for exciting opportunities in the alcoholic beverage market.”

The Bottlegreen and Edwards 1902 Vodka range is available now in Sainsbury’s and Morrisons.